Peace and Freedom Party marches in Long Beach Pride 2018!

At the annual Pride March last Sunday, Melina Rodriguez, Ben Huff, John Prysner, Michael Porter, Joe Delaplaine, Javier, Winston, Diego, Oscar and dozens of other activists (pictured below) and organizers distributed hundreds of PFP ballot guides and palm cards promoting candidates, including Gloria La Riva and Nathalie Hrizi, to thousands of cheering supports lining the sidewalks of Ocean Boulevard.


toh toh tohHermandad Mexicana’s 2018 Voter Guide has just been released; the Peace and Freedom Party is happy to announce that the Political Action Committee has included two PFP candidates among its recommendations: C. T. Weber for Secretary of State and Kevin Akin for State Treasurer.

Hermandad Mexicana also joins with PFP and several other left-leaning parties in California in backing independent candidate for Lt. Governor, Gayle McLaughlin. These three were the sole candidates on the PAC’s list who are not of the Democratic Party. Click on the image at right for the full list of recommendations.

Hermandad Mexicana is a non-profit, non-governmental, community-based organization of members and families of Latino immigrant workers and those who sympathize with the hard-bearing restrictions society places on Latino immigrants and their families.

As part of the ballot for the California statewide primary on June 5, 2018, five ballot propositions will also be decided upon by voters. On propositions 68, 69, 70, 71 and 72, the Peace and Freedom Party endorses the following stands in Election 2018. For more on the party's stance regarding a specific ballot proposition, please click on the appropriate embedded link.

Proposition 68: No
Proposition 68 appears to provide for needed park and water projects. But it can put billions of undedicated dollars into the hands of politicians who traditionally use revenue for their strategic agendas. A bond issue, it will burden the people of California with increased taxes for years to come, and provide tax-free interest to the rich.

Proposition 69: Neutral
This measure ensures that the additional diesel tax raised by SB1 is dedicated to transportation purposes, mostly roads and highways. It exempts the new vehicle fuel taxes from the Gann spending limit. We are staying out of this skirmish between the Democrats and Republicans over taxing and spending. Our fight is for progressive taxation to provide for our needs.

Proposition 70: No
This proposition would require a 2/3 majority vote by both houses of the state legislature for spending funds from cap-and-trade revenue. We support simple majority votes for spending bills.

Vote no Prop 68Proposition 68 would authorize $4 billion in general obligation bonds for state and local parks, environmental protection and restoration projects, water infrastructure projects, and flood protection projects. Assuming a 3.5 percent interest rate over a 30-year period, the bond issue would generate $2.53 billion in interest, meaning the state would spend $6.53 billion to pay off the bond issue.

Peace and Freedom usually opposes bond measures, and we see no reason to change that position for this bond.

Of the $4 billion bond, only $1.3 billion is actually dedicated to improving parks. The remaining money may be spent on politicians' pet projects, as explained below.

Bond money is not distributed directly to areas in need. It is distributed through grants. Due to a grant process that has been in place for several years, bond money is rarely distributed fairly and equally across the state. It would break with the patterns of the past if the Inland Empire and rural areas see a penny of Prop. 68 park bond money. More likely, monies will be strategically distributed to wealthy areas by politicians.

Peace and Freedom Party members turned out for events marking May Day, the International Workers’ Day observance. Below, a few photos of the PFP on May Day 2018.

Marsha Feinland carries Peace and Freedom Party sign
at May 1 Rally and March for Immigrant and Worker Rights, Oakland


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