America is rightly upset about having a racist President, but all Trump is doing with his racist comments is reminding us of our racist past ­– and our racist present.

The Peace and Freedom Party was founded five decades ago in response to the racism in America at that time. The word “Freedom” in our name refers to the struggle for freedom from racial inequality throughout the country, and to the brave Freedom Riders who journeyed to the US South to work for racial equality. The word “Peace” refers to the effort to end the Vietnam War, and all wars.

Since our foundation, we have consistently stood for racial equality, consistently running racially and culturally diverse candidates for public office. We are proud of our past association with the Black Panther Party, the Brown Berets, the American Indian Movement and other fighters for equality.

The president claims not to have a racist bone in his body. That may be true because the heart, the brain, and the tongue are not bones.

– John Reiger
State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party

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