January 20th marked the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration day and along with the inauspicious occasion, a second year of Women’s Marches nationwide was held. California was certainly no exception to the trend, with Los Angeles naturally topping all others with as many as 600,000 in attendance at marches there We’re proud to say that Peace and Freedom Party members attended and participated in several events around the state. Here,, we share a few images.

In Oakland

Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee member Sherill Borg was one of the reported 50,000 on hand in Oakland for the Women’s March of January 20, taking these images of the action at Frank H Ogawa Plaza at 14th and Broadway.

In San Jose

According to police estimates, over 20,000 turned out for the Women's March in San Jose. A contingent from the Santa Clara County Peace and Freedom Party was there.

In Riverside

At the Riverside Women’s March, 6,000 strong marched through the streets. Here, Dr. Margie Akin and Fran Lovello collect petition signatures for PFP candidates in Election 2018 at the Peace and Freedom Party table at the event.

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