On Tuesday, December 12, a well-attended forum discussed the role of independents and third parties and their prospects to replace (or supplement) the 2-party duopoly in the 2018 elections and beyond. Gloria La Riva, the Peace and Freedom Party’s candidate for Governor in 2018, was one of the speakers at the forum, which was hosted by the Santa Clara County P&F Party (and co-sponsored by other organizations). Party Chair Kevin Akin was also in attendance.

Speakers at the forum were:

Gloria La Riva — Peace and Freedom Party candidate for Governor in 2018, veteran social justice, anti-war and union activist and organizer, 2016 Peace and Freedom Party and Party for Socialism and Liberation candidate for U.S. President.

Nick Brana — Movement for a People’s Party founder and director, national outreach coordinator for Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential campaign, and first electoral manager of Our Revolution.

Erik Rydberg — Green Party candidate for Secretary of State in 2018 and male spokesperson for California Greens.

Gayle McLaughlin — Independent candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2018, former Mayor of Richmond and founder of Richmond Progressive Alliance.

Video of the four initial presentations may be seen here, and video of most of the Q&A portion of the program may be seen here.

The presentations and discussion were extremely interesting and are well worth the time to watch.

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