For those in San José and Santa Clara county who are interested in sending the two-party duopoly a serious message beginning with the 2018 elections, we’ve got the event for you. Next Tuesday, December 12, the San José Peace & Justice Center (48 S. Seventh Street, San Jose) is the venue for the Green Party of Santa Clara County’s forum Independent and Third-Party Voices: 2018 Elections and Beyond.

A “lively and interactive exchange of ideas and strategies on reclaiming our democracy with the growing voice of independent and third parties” is promised. The Peace & Justice Center’s own Sharat Lin will preside over a roundtable discussion/Q&A featuring four speakers representing a nice cross-section of third-party activity in California. These include:

• Peace and Freedom Party’s own 2016 Presidential nominee and 2018 California gubernatorial candidate Gloria La Riva;

• Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign national outreach coordinator and Nivenent for a People’s Party founder/director Nick Brana;

• former mayor of Richmond, Richmond Progressive Alliance founder, and Independent candidate for California lieutenant-governor Gayle McLaughlin; and

• California Green Party spokesman and Green candidate for secretary of state Erik Rydberg.

Admission for live attendance is free. The event will be streamed live on Facebook and the recorded version will be uploaded to YouTube directly thereafter. Both will be posted right here at as well.

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