Proposition 18 would allow young voters who will be 18 by the general election to vote in the primary as well. The Peace and Freedom Party recommends a “YES” vote on this measure: There is no reason why those qualified to participate in the general election should not also have a say in the primary process.

Many young people support progressive causes such as universal healthcare, racial justice, and tuition-free higher education. An NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll from February 2020 found that among Gen Z and Millennials (those aged 18-38), 38% had a favorable view of socialism. Additionally, the millions of young people throughout the country who have taken to the streets to fight for racial justice deserve a political voice. Prop 18 would increase youth participation and voter turnout, creating more space for young people to have a say in determining their future.

Expanding youth access to the primary process, however small a reform it might be, is a step in the right direction towards bringing young people into the election process, and to eventually bring them into the struggle for socialism as well. 

–written by Anzy Adams

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