Proposition 21 would replace Costa-Hawkins, a statute that currently prevents local governments from enacting rent control. Repealing Costa-Hawkins is an important first step toward providing stable, affordable housing for everyone in our communities and preventing exorbitant rent increases.

Proposition 21 isn’t perfect – but if it passes, California cities and counties would be able to enact rent control for housing that is more than 15 years old. Rent control prevents landlords from raising rents in large increments and helps keep families, workers, seniors and housing-insecure populations in their homes. This would stabilize our neighborhoods and prevent homelessness.

Passage of Prop 21 would only apply to landlords who own more than two housing units, so small landlords will be exempt. Opponents of this proposition claim that this law will prevent new housing from being built – this is false and misleading.

Major funding for the “No on Prop 21” campaign is coming from the California Business Roundtable Issues PAC, which is composed of property management companies and real estate interests. Funding for the “Yes on Prop 21” campaign comes from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Vote YES on Proposition 21 for rent control, because housing is a human right! 

– written by Anzy Adams



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