The following article is run on this website courtesy of Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, on which it originally appeared. Cindy is a longtime Peace & Freedom Party member and anti-war activist. She is the author of Peace Mom: A Mother’s Journey Through Heartache to Activism.

The recent “Dump Trump, then Battle Biden“ piece written by Noam Chomsky et al and signed by a few dozen liberal activists and authors who recycle this twaddle every four years makes many logical, factual and rhetorical errors.

Arguably, the main error is that no matter how terrible a Democrat candidate for POTUS is, no matter how many wars he supported, no matter how many women/girls he publicly molested, no matter how many cops went un-prosecuted, no matter how many immigrant families were separated at the border, no matter how many billions of dollars were transferred from the poor to the already wealthy, no matter how much corruption and pork barrel politics have been tied to him, and no matter how far he has gone into a state of mental decline, *he owns our votes.*

According to the letter, the signers are not in love with Democrat candidate Joe Biden, but it seems their only “beef” with him is that he is “beholden to the elites.” He *is* one of those political elite and has been a profound part of the decadence and violence of the U.S. political establishment for decades as well as an architect of many of the paths that led the U.S. straight to a Trump regime.

Another rhetorical and factual error in the very title of this piece is that after Trump is dumped, these same people will “Battle Biden,” the very support of him waters that threat down. Plus, it’s been historically shown that these same liberal forces will *not* “battle” a Democrat. They may make peeps and squeaks during a Democrat regime, but deep into the third year of the election cycle, they will revert to the same old rubbish demonstrated in this letter.

The most troubling aspect of this is that many of these signers lead progressive movements and have considerable influence over people who are disgusted with the current climate of establishment politics and may be leaning toward voting for alternate candidates to the twin parties of War and Wall Street: Feeling politically fearful, they then may in turn be influenced to support the Empire by garbage like this.

I have worked with many of the signers and they have done some very good things but, in my opinion, their support of an anti-democracy candidate like Biden in a nation where elections are routinely compromised, makes their other work lose credibility. Many claim to be “anti-Capitalist, pro-feminist and anti-war,” but their advocacy for a Capitalist, deviant war criminal undermines their stated values.

I believe that no political party or candidate is entitled to our votes or support, and if the signers of the DTBB letter want to vote for a major war criminal and elitist, that’s their own business. However, making a public political statement leaves them open to exposure and criticism.

Didn’t the Obama regime prove that no matter who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the bloody U.S. empire continues because the problem is systemic, not cosmetic? Voting for Joe Biden will be just like slapping a fresh coat of white paint on a dilapidated building and thinking everything is somehow fine now.

Should Trump be “dumped?” Of course, but in a country with actual political opposition, more viable options, and real, not false, democracy, Trump never would have happened in the first place.

It is also time that intellectuals and activists stop pretending that every bad thing about this country started with Trump.  The signers of “Dump Trump then Battle Biden” could use their considerable influence to lead their followers to true change and a better society; instead, they choose to vote-bully out of fear and feckless assertions.

­– written by Cindy Sheehan


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