The Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party and Movement has announced its endorsement of five candidates, including two candidates running for seats on the Oakland city council, Carroll Fife in district 3 and Rebecca Kaplan for the at-large seat. Below run profiles of our endorsees.

Carroll Fife for Oakland City Council, District 3
Carroll Fife brings an impressive résumé of activism and community involvement to her bid for the district 3 seat on the Oakland City Council.

As one of the organizers behind the Moms 4 Housing movement, Carroll received statewide – and later nationwide – attention for actions including the takeover of an abandoned building in the city by the homeless. She also assisted in the establishment of Oakland’s Department of Race and Equity.

Carroll will be running against five other candidates for the district 3 seat on a platform described by the Mercury News as focused on “redistributing wealth and property to provide housing for all, and abolishing policing as we know it.” Campaign material further promises that Carroll will work on the council for greater financial investment in communities, support of essential workers and taxation of wealth.

Visit Carroll’s campaign website at


Rebecca Kaplan for Oakland City Council, at-large member
In endorsing Rebecca to retain her seat on the Oakland city council, the Bay Area Reporter editorial board wrote of Rebecca: “First elected to the council in 2008, Kaplan, who identifies as a butch lesbian queer, is currently president of the eight-member body and has built a solid record not only on behalf of LGBTQ constituents, but all Oaklanders.”

Says Rebecca, Oakland city council at-large incumbent: “I am honored to work with community to support real solutions to our homeless crisis, fight for zone-based cleanup and enforcement of illegal dumping, get guns off the streets, provide for public health and local small business support, strengthen housing for all income levels, improve our air quality, transit, pedestrian and bicycle safety, racial and economic justice, and police accountability.”

Rebecca’s official campaign website may be found at

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