Peace & Freedom Party Sacramento County has announced its official endorsement of two candidates running for the Citrus Heights city council, Nicole Castor and Thomas Goetz. Below runs a statement from Nicole released upon receiving PFP endorsement.

I am so grateful for the support of Sacramento County Peace and Freedom Party, as I am whenever we have the opportunity to work together.

This November, I need your help.

My city is in crisis -- through sweltering heat waves, a global pandemic, and now smoke-filled air for days on end, our un-housed community has no emergency shelter, inadequate sanitation services, no access to water, or showers. With gyms closed, drinking fountains closed, there are few options for day-to-day survival.  It’s time for Citrus Heights to have a City Council who cares harder, and who will work harder to ensure that our most vulnerable can get the assistance they need and want, and that they may be treated with dignity and be given a voice in the solutions the city constructs.

Additionally, one of the biggest goals of this campaign is the possibility of having a council member elected, who has a realistic chance of introducing this small city to the concept of Ranked Choice Voting.  We have a much better chance of passing this with an elected member, but even if we can’t do it yet, we would be setting a record, discussing it publicly and officially, and giving important electoral reforms exposure.

Smaller cities passing these important reforms is a great way to set an example and encourage widespread use of this voting method. Because of the focus right now on the presidential election, and the fact that both frontrunners are so unpopular, the timing is perfect to introduce these ideas, and to let people know that there is a better way than the “lesser-evil” situation we currently have.

I am also running a “clean campaign,” but anyone is certainly capable of searching my opponent, Bret Daniels. The only thing I have to say regarding his past actions, is, I believe in rehabilitation and second chances… but more importantly, I believe that our elected officials should act in good faith when they are in positions of authority and should never violate the public’s trust, or their privacy. They must never misuse anything they may access in agencies which we own as tax-payers. And when they do, they should be unseated.

Please visit my website at for more information or to volunteer. Visit and “like” my campaign's Facebook page, Nicole4Citycouncil2020.

If you are able, PLEASE donate! We need lots of signs and mailers to beat the opponent with name recognition!

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