Peace & Freedom Party prospective vice-presidential candidate Leonard Peltier must withdraw from the ticket due to health issues. A statement from the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), who are backing a Gloria La Riva/Leonard Peltier ticket for president/VP in Election 2020, read in part:

“Leonard’s health has seriously deteriorated in recent weeks, and the maximum-security prison where he is confined in Florida does not have the medical facilities he requires. He urgently needs compassionate release or commutation of his sentence that has now stretched to 44 years, as well as immediate transfer to a medical facility for proper medical treatment. [Leonard’s legal team and the PSL believe] that all focus must be directed toward his health situation and legal matters before him.”

Leonard Peltier, 75, is a political prisoner currently serving his 44th year in prison for a murder he did not commit: that of two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975. Leonard was tried and charged as part of FBI actions to destroy the American Indian Movement (AIM).

Activist, essayist and poet Sumil Freeman has been named the vice presidential nominee on the PSL-backed ticket headed by Gloria La Riva.

In an incredible statement to his supporters, Leonard wrote:

“I know this is a huge disappointment to you as it is mine, that I have to drop out of the campaign with Gloria La Riva. My medical problems are not getting any better. I need to try to get home or at least closer. If so, it would be easier to get out. So please, forgive me if I have disappointed any of you. I did not intend to. Nor was I dropping out because I did not believe in it. I’m seriously hurting. Just know I love you young people who support me. You’re awesome. Thank you for your support and love.


Leonard Peltier”

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