Demonstrations in more than 200 cities in the US and Canada took place on Saturday as part of a global “No War On Iran” mobilization. Folks came out in support of the anti-war cause throughout California, and naturally Peace and Freedom Party members were there.

The January 25th No War On Iran rally and march in San Francisco was organized by the Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC), and was endorsed by some 30 organizations including PFP and the People’s Alliance.

Among those at the well-attended rally in San Francisco was Peace and Freedom Party candidate for California state assembly in district 14, Cassandra Devereaux (pictured in first two images below), as well as PFP central committee members Richard Becker, Dave Campbell, Marsha Feinland, Tova Fry and Tom Lacey.


–first three images by Terri Kay, image at bottom by Richard Bekcer

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