Earlier this month, Peace and Freedom Party member Roger Harris participated in the International Trade Union Forum in Damascus, Syria.

“The two-day conference addressed the illegality under international law of economic sanctions and other coercive measures, as well as the effects of the blockade on the people of Syria,” Roger wrote in his coverage of the event for Counterpunch.org.

Roger was one of 232 delegates who came to Syria representing 52 countries at the event.

Speaking were “Leading members of the World Federation of Trade Unions, the Organization of African Trade Union Unity, the [Syrian] General Federation of Trade Unions, the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions, the Arab Labor Organization, and the 15-million-member Indian Confederation, the world’s largest trade union.”

Among the North American delegation of trade unionists, peace activists, and journalists was Ajamu Baraka of the US Peace Council, Black Alliance for Peace, and the Black Agenda Report.

For much more on the happenings at 2019’s International Trade Union Forum in Damascus, click here.

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