PFP announces a

Meeting of the State Central Committee of the California Peace and Freedom Party
Saturday & Sunday, November 10 & 11, 2018
Governors Inn
240 Richards Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95811
*** Open to the public ***

Registration opens at 11 am; meeting starts at noon. For the full agenda, please click here.

Dues and registration
State Central Committee dues are $10 a month full dues; $5 a month low income, and $2 a month hardship. Payment of dues through the end of March 2019 is encouraged, but all SCC members paid up through November may vote at this meeting. The meeting registration fee is $15, or $10 low income. Some donated funds may be available to subsidize registration for those unable to pay.

Dues and registration may be paid ahead of time by mail. Make checks payable to Peace and Freedom Party, and send to PFP, PO Box 24764, Oakland, CA 94623. Please mail no later than November 2. Dues and registration may also be paid via Paypal. Both dues and registration fees will be accepted when the meeting registration opens at 11 am on Saturday.

Rooms are available at the Governors Inn, where the meeting is taking place. For reservations, visit or call (916) 488-7224. Solidarity housing will be available, but must be requested by November 2. Contact Debra Reiger via email or call (916) 698-8131 for more information regarding housing.

Transportation and parking
The Governors Inn has a shuttle from both the airport and the Amtrak station. Parking is available at the hotel. The hotel is off Interstate 5, on Richards Boulevard at Burcut Drive.

Food and drink
There will be coffee and food at the meeting both days. Two fast-food restaurants are nearby, and more options are a short drive away. Food is allowed in the meeting room, so comrades are able to bring their own.

If you have proposals for endorsements, resolutions, and/or bylaws changes, please bring them in writing with enough copies for all. There will be between 25-30 voting members in attendance. Please give the copies to Mary McIlroy by 5pm Saturday, and she will distribute them. Resolutions 50 words or less do not need copies.

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