With the release of our Workers Voters Guide for the 2018 General Election in California, the Peace and Freedom Party also formally announces our endorsements for propositions running in the November election. For PFP endorsements on ballot propositions, please click here.

In the June primary election, Peace and Freedom Party candidates received well over the needed number of votes to keep the party on California primary election ballots for another four years. But under the terribly undemocratic “Top Two” election law, none of our candidates, or the candidates of any other smaller parties, will be on the November ballot for statewide office. Our “choices” are limited to the big-money candidates who came in first or second, and not even write-ins are allowed.

We are not making any endorsements for statewide offices in November, but we do have recommendations in three congressional districts and in one state senate district. With only one big-money candidate on the ballot in several districts, these candidates were able to win a spot on the November ballot by coming in second in the primary. We recommend that you vote for the following candidates if you live in their districts.

6th State Senate District (includes parts of Sacramento and Yolo Counties):
Eric Frame for State Senate. Eric is a non-party candidate who has done a great job of connecting with progressive voters in the area around the state capitol. He says, “It is time we have politicians willing to address the crimes against the poor, to go after the fat cats who are starving out the working class.” For more information, please see EricFrameForSenate.org.

13th Congressional District (inc. parts of Alameda County):
Laura Wells for U.S. House of Representatives. Laura is a Green Party candidate who finished second in June with support from the Peace and Freedom Party and is on the November ballot. She says, “Why don’t we have the very basics – Affordable housing, healthcare for ALL, living wages, debt-free education, true democracy? There is no excuse but there is a reason! The billionaires and their corporations have bought out both parties and are running OUR country.” For more information, please see LauraWells.org.

34th Congressional District (includes parts of L.A. County):
Kenneth Mejia for US House of Representatives. A Green Party candidate who came in second in the primary, Kenneth Mejia is on the November ballot. He says, “It is time to put people, planet and peace over profits!” For more information, please see Mejia4Congress.com.

40th Congressional District (includes parts of L.A. County):
Rodolfo Cortes Barragan for US House of Representatives. Endorsed by the Peace and Freedom Party in the June primary election, Dr. Cortes earned a place on the November ballot. A member of the Green Party, he is working to get support from a broad range of progressive activists. His website emphasizes that he is for “Tax relief for working families. No more wars. Fight big money in politics.” For more information see RodolfoForCongress.com.

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