On Monday, August 28, dozens of activists demonstrated at the state capitol in favor of Assembly Bill 931. AB 931 is a response to all the police shootings of unarmed citizens. It would “require peace officers to attempt to control an incident by using time, distance, communications, and available resources in an effort to de-escalate a situation.”

Many Peace & Freedom Party members were among the demonstrators who marched around the Capitol with a casket representing the 172 people killed in recent police shootings. Another group of activists, including Peace & Freedom Party members, went into the Capitol to lobby legislators to support AB 931.

The action was enough to earn a front-page photo in the print edition of Tuesday's Sacramento Bee print edition. Click the link for the Bee’s video coverage, engaging titled “Why these men were dragging a casket around the Capitol.”

Image screengrabbed from Sacramento Bee video ©2018

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