We’ve said so before and we’ll probably say it again: Peace and Freedom party candidates have never and will never take money from corporate donors. As with many third-party hopefuls, PFP candidates in Election 2018 must seek methods of campaign donation collection alternate to those employed by the two major parties.

With this in mind, PFP candidate for California Secretary of State C.T. Weber has announced the launch of his campaign’s GoFundMe account. C.T. and the PFP kindly ask for donations of any amount to the C.T. Weber for Secretary of State campaign via GoFundMe. Click here or on the big green button above to contribute.

For more on C.T.’s campaign, click here. A list of those endorsing the C.T. Weber campaign may be found here; also note that C.T. has received a recommendation from Hermandad Mexicana.


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