Last Thursday, May 10, San Jose State University hosted its California Gubernatorial Debate. Five candidates were present at the forum to which all were invited. Peace and Freedom Party candidate Gloria La Riva stood out among the field, which also included Josh Jones (of the Green Party), Delaine Eastin (Democrat), Zoltan Istvan (Libertarian) and Nicholas Wildstar (Libertarian).

Video of the entire event may be seen here. Gloria spoke on the following topics at the times listed below.

• Opening remarks: 6:05
• Homelessness and poverty: 29:25, 37:03
• Student loan debt: 44:12
• Immigration: 1:05:15
• Boycotts and divestment: 1:15:00
• Women's rights: 1:20:45
• Closing pfpremarks: 1:23:55

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