Posted on April 16, 2018 by the Communications Committee

The California Green Party has endorsed four Peace and Freedom Party statewide candidates: John Thompson Parker for US Senate, Mary Lou Finley for Controller, Kevin Akin for Treasurer, and Nathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner. The Green Party announced their formal endorsements of candidates for statewide office on Saturday, April 14.

The endorsements were voted on online by the Green Party of California Standing General Assembly, with some 115 members representing 33 county organizations. Each endorsement required a two-thirds favorable vote. The four Peace and Freedom Party candidates who were endorsed are not facing any Green opponents in the 5 June primary election. The Green Party recently changed its bylaws so that endorsements are not limited to Greens. Endorsed candidates must not receive corporate donations and must not be affiliated with any party that receives corporate donations.

The Peace and Freedom Party endorsed several Green candidates for Congress and State Assembly in mid-March. Those endorsements will appear in sample ballots or local ballot pamphlets. While the Green endorsements come too late to be printed in ballot pamphlets, they will be announced on the candidates' websites and in campaign literature. State Treasurer candidate Kevin Akin, the current State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party, said that the endorsements "are very helpful and much appreciated, and should help us get substantial votes in the 5 June Primary. In these times of crisis, working people need to unite to defend themselves and push for peace, against austerity, and to protect our rights."


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