The Peace and Freedom Party opposes state and federal plans for aerial and/or ground spraying of pheromones and pesticides on inhabited areas in California to eradicate the light brown apple moth (LBAM) for the following reasons:

When New Zealand sprayed pheromones and pesticides to control the LBAM the spray killed the natural predators of the moth resulting in an increase of LBAM. Once the pesticides were no longer used, the natural predators increased and the number of LBAM decreased.

The CDFA cannot cite one example of significant physical damage to any California crops due to the light brown apple moth.

The CDFA exercised an emergency need to begin aerial spraying. That absolved them from testing the components of the Checkmate spray on humans, other living organisms, and the environment, or completing an environmental impact report (EIR).

Without any testing or completion of an EIR the CDFA proceeded to spray inhabited areas of Monterey and Santa Cruz counties numerous times after telling the people that the pheromone and inert ingredients were safe. They failed to disclose what the “inert ingredients” were.

Following the spraying at least 643 people complained of various respiratory problems and skin irritations ranging from mild to serious. Some health providers in these counties estimate that the number of persons reporting problems may be as low as ten percent of those affected. Spraying humans without prior testing or without their consent violates the California Constitution, Article One, Section One.

Hundreds of sea birds were found dead following the spraying.

At this time at least 12 counties in California have been quarantined. That has created financial havoc on growers and other businesses. This quarantine has been imposed when as little as two cites in a county have been found with LBAM. Ground spraying of additional pesticides to supplement aerial spraying is being planned for this Spring by CDFA.

Therefore, we call for immediate and unconditional halting of these spraying programs, and for a moritorium on endangering human health and the environment in attemps to safeguard agribusiness profits.

Passed by the State Central Committee of the California Peace and Freedom Party on 30-March-2008.
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