After consultation with the State Officers of the Peace and Freedom Party, State Chair Kevin Akin issued this statement of support on Monday, May 10, 2010, one week into the hunger strike.

The Peace and Freedom Party of California supports the hunger strike of the students and union workers in the "Hungry for Justice Coalition" on the UC Berkeley campus. As the Daily Californian reported: "The strikers have been camped out in front of California Hall since Monday afternoon, surviving only on cranberry juice and water laced with sugar and lemon."

The Daily Californian further states that the demonstrators demands include: "asking (Chancellor Robert) Birgeneau to publicly denounce Arizona's immigration law; make UC Berkeley a sanctuary campus and provide extended protections for undocumented students; drop all student conduct charges against student activists; stop cuts to low-wage employees; suspend conduct procedures and initiate a democratic, student-led process to review the code; and to commit to using nonviolent means of ensuring safety at student demonstrations in the future."

For more information, see this Daily Californian article.

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