Workers Memorial Day 2006Whereas, Workers Memorial Day commemorates workers killed and injured on the job and,

Whereas as a result of deregulation and corruption in the Workers Compensation system as well as private control of the health care industry seriously injured workers are not be properly cared for and,

Whereas, Peace and Freedom Party is for the removal of the insurance industry from control of healhthcare in California and nationally and,

Whereas, there are hundreds of thousands of injured workers and their families under attack by these corporate schemes supported by the Democrats and Republicans,

Be it resolved the Peace and Freedom Party Of California supports Workers Memorial day events in Davis, California on April 27 and at the Downey Studios/Landing/Kaiser Hospital on April 27 and will encourage members and injured workers to join in these events sponsored by the California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day ( and all other Workers Memorial Day events and,

Be it further resolved that Peace and Freedom Party of California will work to overturn SB899, the bill that deregulated workers compensation and the Peace and Freedom Party of California supports a single payer health care plan to include the workers compensation health care component.

Passed by the State Central Committee of the California Peace and Freedom Party on 30-March-2008.
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