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WHEREAS: On May 1, 2003, at the ILWU Convention in San Francisco resolutions were passed calling for an end to the war and occupation in Iraq; and

WHEREAS: ILWU took the lead among labor unions in opposing this bloody war and occupation for imperial domination; and

WHEREAS: Many unions and the overwhelming majority of the American people now oppose this bipartisan and unjustifiable war in Iraq and Afghanistan but the two major political parties, Democrats and Republicans continue to fund the war; and

WHEREAS: Millions worldwide have marched and demonstrated against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but have been unable to stop the wars; and

WHEREAS: ILWUs historic dock actions,

1) like the refusal of Local 10 longshoremen to load bombs for the military dictatorship in Chile in 1978 and military cargo to the Salvadoran military dictatorship in 1981 and

2) the honoring of the teachers union antiwar picket May 19, 2007 against SSA in the port of Oakland stand as a limited but shining example of how to oppose these wars; and

WHEREAS: The spread of war in the Middle East is threatened with U. S. air strikes in Iran or possible military intervention in Syria or the destabilized Pakistan;

Peace and Freedom Party Sign at Sacramento Anti-war Demonstration - March 19, 2008 THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED:

That it is time to take labors protest to a more powerful level of struggle by calling on unions and working people in the U. S. and internationally to mobilize for a No Peace No Work Holiday May 1, 2008 for 24 hours to demand an immediate end to the war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and the withdrawal of U. S. troops from the Middle East; and


That a call from the Peace and Freedom Party be sent with an urgent appeal for unity of action to the International Liaison Committee, and all international labor organizations to which we are affiliated to bring an end to this bloody war once and for all.

By action of the State Executive Committee of the California Peace and Freedom Party - March 11, 2008
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