The Peace and Freedom Party calls for an immediate end to the military occupation of Iraq, the withdrawal and return of all U.S. troops, and the immediate release of all prisoners of war and detained civilians.

The Peace and Freedom Party condemns the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by the Bush regime and its capitalist supporters. This aggressive attack on another nation constitutes a war crime. The current occupation of Iraq is an attempt by the U.S. ruling class to maintain global dominance by controlling energy resources and establishing its ability to use military force against any potential threats to their interests.

The Peace and Freedom Party opposes the restrictions on our civil liberties caused by the unconstitutional Patriot Act, the actions of the Homeland Security Department and by the "Justice" Department, headed by John Ashcroft.

The Peace and Freedom Party opposes the profiling of Arabs and Muslims, and the denial of basic human rights to residents of this country, to refugees, and to those captured in Afghanistan and Iraq. This profiling, torture and inhumane treatment violates the U.S. Constitution and international law.

The Peace and Freedom Party calls on the U.S. and British governments to pay reparations to the Iraqi people for the damage caused by 12 years of blockade, bombing and invasion. These reparations should be financed by slashing the military budget and by an excessprofits tax on oil companies and military contractors.

The Peace and Freedom Party calls for the impeachment and removal from office of all government officials who were willing participants and collaborators in the unelected Bush regime's illegal actions.

The Peace and Freedom Party calls for the resignation of all U.S. Senators and Representatives who voted in favor of unconstitutionally ceding their power to declare war to the Bush regime.

The Peace and Freedom Party stands for peace between nations and the right of all peoples to self-determination. The quest for greater profits by global corporations is a major cause of U.S. military aggression.

Peace in the world can be guaranteed only by a transition to socialism and real democracy.

The Peace and Freedom Party calls upon the U.S. Government to lead by example, by immediately and unilaterally dismantling its entire arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, by inviting United Nations inspection teams to verify their destruction, and by participating in a conference on global disarmament.

The Peace and Freedom Party calls for the unconditional affiliation of the U.S. with the World Court, which would have full jurisdiction in investigating and prosecuting any and all war crimes committed by the Bush regime and previous administrations.

The Peace and Freedom Party calls on members of the military to refuse to obey unlawful and immoral orders, including the illegal invasion and occupation, in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Nuremberg Court decisions. We call on all people to support such courageous resistance.

The Peace and Freedom Party calls on all labor, peace and democratic organizations and individuals in California, the United States and throughout the world to take every appropriate action to stop the illegal attack on Iraq and to accomplish the above program.

[Revised by action of State Officers from statement adopted by Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee, March 23, 2003.]
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