On March 23, 2003, the Peace and Freedom Party called for
"...an immediate end to the military occupation of Iraq, the withdrawal and return of all U.S. troops, and the immediate release of all prisoners of war and detained civilians."

On November 17, 2005, Rep. John Murtha (Dem., PA) introduced H.J. Res. 73 "To redeploy U.S. forces from Iraq."

The 99 co-sponsors of the Murtha Resolution urge you to become a "citizen co-sponsor" by signing an on-line petition. Should you join in sponsorship of this resolution?

The Murtha Resolution has three sections.

Section 1 states
The deployment of United States forces in Iraq, by direction of Congress, is hereby terminated and the forces involved are to be redeployed at the earliest practicable date."

Note that rather than calling for immediate withdrawal, the Murtha Resolution says "at the earliest practicable date."

Section 2 states
"A quick-reaction U.S. force and an over-the-horizon presence of U.S. Marines shall be deployed in the region."

Section 2 is completely unacceptable on principle. We oppose all U.S. military bases, and all U.S. military interventions. We defend the right of all nations to self-determination and freedom from imperialist occupation.

Section 3 states
"The United States shall pursue security and stability in Iraq through diplomacy."

Section 2 and Section 3 contradict each other. Section 2 says predatory imperialism will pursue its interests through military force, not through diplomacy.

The murtha Resolution calls for certain troop movements, but not peace, and not withdrawal of our troops from the region. It is not in fact a resolution for peace, but a resolution for continuing war, pointless bloody war that does not advance the interests of the working people of the United States or of Iraq or of any other country.

No nation can be free if it oppresses other nations. The corporate ruling class is taking away our liberties at home as it wages war with our lives and money abroad. Out of Iraq! Out of Kuwait! Out of Afghanistan!

What is the principled alternative to signing the petition in support of the opportunist Murtha Resolution?

Register and vote Peace and Freedom Party. By doing so, you are raising your voice in a way the big-money politicians can't miss, and speaking out for peace, for civil rights and liberties, for the economic rights of workers, and for a society and economy run by and for working people.

[The foregoing statement was adopted February 26, 2006 by vote of the State Executive Committee of the California Peace and Freedom Party.]
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