By Kevin Akin and Marsha Feinland

Posted on September 30, 2013 by the Editorial Board, updated July 21, 2015/p>

A drive is underway to register more Peace and Freedom Party voters in California. We need more voters to keep us on the ballot in future years.

But we also need to register more voters into the Peace and Freedom Party because registering PFP is an effective way to send a message to every politician, every day, that more and more Californians reject the two parties of war and big business, and support our pro-working class program. Having your name on the voter list as "Peace and Freedom" is like signing petitions for good causes every day, even when election day is far away. Politicians may pay attention to other things now and then (especially money), but they definitely pay attention to voter lists and voter registration statistics.

When people see the Peace and Freedom Party at higher and higher levels of registration, they know something is going on. That gives pause to politicians who are thinking of voting for war, against labor rights, or to cut aid to poor people. We are now at just over 75,000, our highest level in many years. The drive has succeeded in adding more than 13,000 PFP voters to the rolls. But we can't keep it up without more money coming in. Your contribution will help ensure that the Peace and Freedom Party remains on the ballot in California.

Sure, we would be happy to get a thousand dollars or more from you. (We actually have received more than $1,000 each from several different people, but that's all been spent.) But we are also happy to get $100, or $50, or if you just don't have any more, perhaps ten bucks. Every little bit helps.

There are two ways to donate. You may click on the button provided here to make a donation by Paypal. Or you may mail a check made out to "PFP Reg Drive" to: PFP Reg Drive, PO Box 22234, Sacramento CA 95822.

Kevin Akin is Secretary of the California Peace and Freedom Party. Marsha Feinland is an officer at large and chair of the Communications Committee.

For more on the registration drive, see

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