Posted on September 27 by the Webmaster

Our campaign website at has much more on the 2014 election, including endorsements in local elections. This article is a summary of the endorsements made by the State Central Committee.


The Peace and Freedom party supports the following candidate in the November 2014 election.

U.S. House of Representatives

44th District: Adam Shbeita - candidate website


The Peace and Freedom Party urges you to vote as follows on the statewide propositions. See our campaign site for details, and click here for a flyer to print and distribute.

  • No on Proposition 1 - water bonds - statement
  • No on Proposition 2 - rainy day fund
  • Yes on Proposition 45 - regulation of health insurance premiums
  • No on Proposition 46 - drug testing of doctors/medical malpractice
  • Yes on Proposition 47 - criminal sentence reductions
  • Yes on Proposition 48 - Native American gaming compact
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