At each statewide primary election, candidates are elected to the State Central Committee and County Central Committees of the Peace and Freedom Party. (Members are elected to both committees at the same time.) Unopposed candidates are usually declared elected and left off the ballot. The exceptions to this are those running in districts where there are more candidates on the ballot than the number to be elected, and those who are running in districts where there are write-in candidates.

These are the counties or districts in which candidates or write-in spaces will appear on the ballot. Please write in the names of those listed as "write-in," but don't vote for more than the number specified.

Alameda County, 5th Supervisorial District (vote for up to 6)
  • John Comly
  • Norma Harrison
  • Edith Halberg
  • Stan Woods
  • Gerald Sanders
  • Albert Dragstedt
  • Marsha Feinland
  • Gene Ruyle
  • Bob Evans
  • Larry Allen
San Francisco City and County (vote for up to 10)
  • Tom Lacey
  • David Campbell
  • Richard Becker
  • Ron Holladay
  • Gloria La Riva
  • Alan A. Benjamin (write-in)
  • Nancy E. Keiler (write-in)
  • Steve Zeltzer (write-in)
Note: you must follow the instructions on voting for write-in candidates carefully.

Solano County (vote for up to 7)
  • Joel G. Schor (write-in)
Note: you must follow the instructions on voting for write-in candidates carefully.

The following unopposed candidates will be declared elected without appearing on the ballot:

Alameda County, 3rd Supervisorial District
  • Eric Bergman
  • Dave Kadlecek
Contra Costa County
  • Sherill Borg
Kern County
  • Mohammad Arif
Los Angeles County
  • Frank Boeheim
  • Howard Johnson
  • Aidan Butler
  • Gary Gordon
  • Cindy Henderson
  • Alice Stek
  • Relf Star
  • Nancy Lawrence
  • MaryLou Cabral
  • Carlos Alvarez
  • Richard Castaldo
Marin County
  • Cat Woods
  • Bob Richard
  • David Reichard
  • Roger Harris
Riverside County
  • Margie Akin
  • Kevin Akin
  • Stewart Alexander
Sacramento County
  • John Reiger
  • Ray Reynolds
  • C.T. Weber
  • Karen Martinez
  • Debra Reiger
  • Dina Padilla
  • Daniel Frederick
  • Elizabeth Martinez
  • Daniel Costa
  • Albert Troyer
  • Lanric Hyland
  • Toby Mitchell-Sawyer
  • Michael Roskey
  • Gerald Frink
San Diego County
  • Miriam Clark
  • Mary Lou Finley
Santa Cruz County
  • Maureen Smith
  • Mike Smith
  • Joe Williams
Sonoma County
  • Catherine Allio
  • Al Liner
  • Toni Novak
  • Irv Sutley
  • Robert Weinstein
  • Linda Wren
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