We're preparing for future elections now with a special fund-raising drive. We ran a great slate of statewide candidates in 2010. Five of our eight statewide candidates were women. Everyone of our statewide candidates received more votes than our statewide candidates for the same offices in 2006, except for one, Karen Martinez, and she received over 200,000 votes which was enough to maintain our ballot status until 2014. Our top vote getter in 2010 was Dina Padilla who received close to 300,000 votes.

While our candidates did very well, we were unable to stop the passage of Propositiion 14. Proposition 14 will keep us off of future general election ballots. In fact, it will keep all of the smaller party candidates and independent candidates from the general election ballot. We are still fighting to have Proposition 14 overturned. Please help us continue our electoral progress by contributing just $20.11 to our 2011 campaign to preserve the Peace and Freedom Party for future generations. Drop $20.11 on us in 2011!


If you would like to drop $20.12 (or any other amount) on us by check, please make it payable to Peace and Freedom Party and mail to:

Peace and Freedom Party
P.O. Box 24764
Oakland, California 94623

You may let us know that your donation is for our efforts to overturn Proposition 14 by writing "I'm dropping $20.11 on 2011" on the memo of your check. Thanks!

P.S. If $20.11 is too little for you (or too much) adjust accordingly.

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