We're working hard to defeat Prop 14 but we need your help. We need money (see immediately below), but we also need you to talk to every one you know, write letters to the editor of your local newspapers, table at events, put bumper stickers on your car, hand out flyers, and do everything else you can think of. See here for more on how to fight Prop 14.

We also need to pay for the bumper stickers, posters, leaflets, and so on. We need you to drop 14 on the campaign to defeat Prop 14. If this passes, it will become much harder than it already is for us to stay on the ballot and continue to be the socialist alternative to the main political parties. That's only one reason among many to oppose this dangerous measure but, all by itself, it's worth a lot more than $14.

In 2010, we have another great slate of candidates. We are builing on the 2008 campaign, in which Ralph Nader raised our visibility and brought a lot of new energy into the party. We endorsed Cindy Sheehan (the Peace Mom) in her valiant race against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Party officer Marsha Feinland (9th State Senate District) got almost 30,000 votes against the established candidates. Where they ran, our candidates came in second or third, getting more votes than any other third party candidate, including Greens and Libertarians. If you want us to continue making progress, we must stay on the ballot. As practical matter, that means defeating Prop 14.

We are campaigning against Prop 14 with a budget that is miniscule compared to that of the proponents, who are well funded from deep pockets in the business community. Please help us. Drop 14 Against Prop. 14!


If you would like to drop $14 on us by check or money order, please make it payable to Peace and Freedom Party and mail to:

Peace and Freedom Party
P.O. Box 24764
Oakland, CA 94623

Let us know exactly what your donation is for by writing "I'm dropping $14 against Prop. 14" in the memo of your check. Thanks!
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