The Peace and Freedom Party candidate for US Senator from California in the June 5th 2018 election is John Thompson Parker of Los Angeles.

John Thompson Parker was the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for US Senate in 2016. Since then, there have been some changes in the political situation. John says, “In these days when the Trump administration is trying to divide and weaken the working class, solidarity with each other’s struggles is our most important weapon.” Donald Trump is certainly a terrible president, but we need to keep in mind that “the road to Trump was paved by the record deportations and wars of the previous administration.”

John is a coordinator of the International Action Center, an elected member of the Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee, and an activist with the Workers World Party. He is a socialist who seeks to represent the working class rather than the billionaires. He has worked as a machine operator at a metal fabrication plant, a dishwasher in restaurants, a typesetter at a printing plant, a copy editor, and a teacher. His working-class background has been of basic importance in forming his political opinions.

John has been involved in union organizing campaigns at work and knows that workers must organize to fight for their rights if they are to have any rights at all.

Among John’s top priorities are:

  • Stopping police killings, especially against Black and Brown people who are the main targets of police terror in the U.S. by working toward the jailing of killer cops and firing of prosecutors who are unwilling to charge police;
  • Working toward ending the “endless wars,” drone program of assassinations and converting the trillions of dollars from the military industrial complex into social necessities like free health care, free education and jobs at a livable wage; and
  • Working toward ending of the prison industrial complex that profits off the slave labor of prisoners and lines the pockets of Wall Street through the private prisons which are incentivized to maintain large prison populations.

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