C.T. Weber, Peace and Freedom Party candidate for Secretary of State: List of endorsers
California Primary 2018: Final vote tallies for Peace and Freedom Party candidates
California primary: Vote Counts Keep Rising for PFP Candidates [UPDATED]
Election 2018: Alameda County PFP urges voters to write in Laura Wells for U.S. Congress, 13th District
Election 2018: C.T. Weber for CA Secretary of State
Election 2018: Gayle McLaughlin for Lt. Governor
Election 2018: Gloria La Riva for California Governor
Election 2018: John Thompson Parker for US Senate
Election 2018: Jordan Mills for U.S. Congress representing California’s 49th district
Election 2018: Kevin Akin for State Treasurer
Election 2018: Mary Lou Finley for State Controller
Election 2018: Meet-and-greets with Jason Kishineff, PFP endorsee for U.S. Congress
Election 2018: Nathalie Hrizi for California State Insurance Commissioner
Election 2018: On California Ballot Proposition 69
Election 2018: Peace and Freedom Party endorsements for ballot propositions 68, 69, 70, 71 and 72
Election 2018: PFP candidates’ statements for the official voter information guide
Election 2018: PFP endorsements on ballot propositions
Election 2018: PFP endorses Angelica Dueñas for U.S. Congress, California district 29
Election 2018: PFP endorses Eric Frame for California State Senate, District 6
Election 2018: PFP endorses Jason Kishineff for U.S. Congress, California District 5
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