“Imagine a world worth living in, a world worth fighting for.”­ – Leslie Feinberg

 Cassie Devereaux supports:

  • Police oversight – an end to Vallejo’s reign of police terror.
  • Comprehensive rent control keeping people in their homes and communities.
  • Access to medical care/mental health services for low-income residents and people now houseless.
  • Universal housing – end houselessness altogether.
  • Student loan forgiveness and postsecondary education access for all.
  • No cages, no deportations, no compliance with ICE: NOT HERE. NOT ANYWHERE.

Look around. Ours is a society with more empty homes than houseless. We produce enough food to feed the world, but people starve while we destroy 40% of our bounty. Profits for pharmaceutical companies are prioritized before healthcare and lifesaving medicine for all. We sacrifice human lives to easily prevented diseases in order to enrich CEOs. Theirs is the class that has wielded the mechanisms of power to ravage our hemi­sphere for over a century through war, sanctions, propping up dictators – all for Wall Street.

When those suffering from this violent legacy come for sanctuary, we round them up, separate their families, and cage them. As we argue whether to use the term “con­centration camps”, prisoners are dying. We gut education funding and spend the mon­ey building prisons and militarizing police rather than addressing the poverty from which crime springs. The parasites at the top cultivate ignorance, fueling dangerous conspira­cy theories while ignoring science. Giant corporations, which plunder our planet, are steer­ing the world into climate catastrophe. And while rainforests burn, corporations conduct internal studies analyzing ways to cash in on the devastation looming on the horizon.

This is a world centered on profit, not people, one designed to keep billionaires in their yachts and mansions while people sleep on the street. We can imagine a better world. To make things better we need deep, systemic change. Join a movement devoted to using the fruits of the la­bor of people who do the work of the world to feed, clothe, and care for us and for our families, not to buy billionaires yet another yacht for their Pacific fleet. The ballot box can help build this movement. The people, united, can usher in this new world. Please join us in exercising our dem­ocratic rights to uplift our demands for a better, more just world – and let’s get to work building it!

For questions, interviews or to support the campaign, contact the People’s Alliance via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  by phone at (510) 600-5600.

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