Last revised January 4, 2018.

The Peace and Freedom Party has an understanding with the corporations: We won’t ask them for money, and they won’t give us any. In fact, we wouldn’t accept their money if they did offer it to us.

We don’t represent the corporations or their owners. We represent working people, minorities, and the poor. That means challenging the dominant parties and the corporations that fund them. We need your help.

Building a socialist and feminist electoral alliance, and running for office, cost money -- money for filing fees, campaign expenses and legal battles against unfair election laws. To learn more, and contribute to our 2018 campaign fund, click here.

We also have to stay on the ballot, and Top Two elections make that much harder than it was before Proposition 14 was passed in 2010. We need to increase our registration dramatically and do it fast. To learn more, and contribute to our voter registration drive, click here.

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