By Stan Woods

Posted on July 30, 2013 by the Communications Committee

I strongly recommend that PFP supporters check out the an opinion piece by Peace and Freedom Party member Jack Gerson. It was published in today's (July 30) San Francisco Chronicle (click here, paid subscription required).

Gerson first talks about the 2011 struggle in Wisconsin against Gubernatorial union busting and the huge support that received throughout the country (including the Solidarity shutdown of SF Bay area ports by International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10). He ties that in with the current crisis facing the BART unions. He refutes the gross disinformation campaign waged against BART workers by the corporate media, countering that "Workers told me 'We're fighting for all of us to say No More cuts ;’ I'm convinced they are."

So are those of us on the PFP State Central Committee. On July 28 we passed a motion (presented by this writer) without dissent endorsing the August 1 "Labor Solidarity Rally" to be held in Oakland. We also state that if the BART workers are forced out on strike again we are in total support of their just demands.

One last note: The BART board of directors are mostly Democrats. Yet most of these self described "friends of labor" are openly hostile to the BART unions. Even the couple of directors that aren't open enemies blame "both sides" and whine that they just want "a settlement".

In sharp contrast, we are genuine "friends of labor". We don't want just any settlement. We want the BART workers to win. That's the best result for all workers, union and non union, in the SF Bay area .

Stan Woods is a member of the Alameda County and State Central Committees.

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