This column was originally published in Partisan issue no. 23, printed April 2007.

Editor, the Partisan,

It is very important for us in Mauritius to know that the Peace and Freedom Party has a formal stand for the closing of the U.S. military base on Diego Garcia and for the Chagossian people to get the right to return and reparations. When there are places on the planet earth like Diego Garcia which easily fall under no control at all, it is wonderful that those of us in Mauritius, whose land it is to care for, and who are calling for base closure, know that the people of the U.S. and United Kingdom are getting to know about this pernicious bit of military history and continued military occupation, and to join forces to change things.

Warm Wishes,

-- Lindsey Collen, Mauritius, Indian Ocean, for Lalit (a political party in the Republic of Mauritius)

Editor, the Partisan,

The crisis in the cost of health care, and the struggle to change the structure and method of payment in order to reach the mass of people who are deprived of health care, is only one side of the problem. The real solution is prevention of the diseases.

Control of the kind of food that we eat today is in the hands of companies that put profit before the health of the consumer. As a result we eat too much sugar and salt. We eat meat and milk that make us fat and kill 5,000 people a year. The list of crimes of the food companies is long and kept from the American people.

To start your education get on the internet and go to

-- Manuel Sunshine, Pacifica, Calif.

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