By C. T. Weber

Posted on September 22, 2011 by the Website Workers Council

Tonight was a lonely one. I had just heard the United States Supreme Court could find no constitutional ground to stop the execution of Troy Davis when I got a call and was told that the ACLU was going to call a last minute vigil in front of the state Capitol in Sacramento, California. A friend of mine, Walter Rice, called and said that the State of Georgia was going to execute Troy Davis. I told him I was going to the Capitol to join a couple friends and asked him to meet us there. As it turned out there were only four of us: Debra Reiger, Daniel Costa, Walter, and myself. We held our candles and talked about the death penalty and its misuse in America.

I want to extend condolences to the Davis family. I am also saddened by the loss of the murdered police officer so many years ago which lead to the conviction of Troy Davis. However, I have been convinced that Troy Davis did not commit this or any other murder. It is one more reason why this barbaric ritual must be abolished.  Too many innocent people have been executed by state governments. But even if it were only one innocent person that was executed, that would be one too many. In fact, state murder of anyone, innocent or guilty, is dead wrong and must be forever abolished.

Therefore, while our efforts to save Troy Davis from the death penalty failed tonight, our effort to abolish the death penalty will continue. I hope that people across this vast country will rise up and say enough is enough, not one more life in my name.

C. T. Weber is State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party.

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