The Peace and Freedom Party has announced positions on several bills slated for consideration by the California state legislature during the 2019-2020 sessions; for a current list of PFP’s positions on these bills, please click here.

Additionally, the PFP Legislative Committee has drafted and sent position papers in support or opposition on certain bills. To read any of the PFP letters to our state assemblypersons and senators, just click on the given bill from the list below. This page will be updated as appropriate.

Last updated: August 27, 2020.

• AB 32 (Bonta) –
State prisons: private, for-profit administration services – SUPPORT
; upon passage by the assembly, the PFP sent a letter urging Gov. Newsome to sign the bill into law.

• AB 33 (Bonta) – State public retirement systems: divestiture from private prison companies – SUPPORT

AB 36 (Bonta/Chiu) – Residential tenancies: rent control – SUPPORT

AB 392 (Weber) – Peace officers: deadly force – SUPPORT

AB 646 (McCarty) – Elections: voter eligibility – SUPPORT

AB 857 (Chiu/Santiago) – Public banks – SUPPORT; upon passage by the assembly, the PFP sent a letter urging Gov. Newsome to sign the bill into law.

AB 1217 (Mullin) –
Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign disclosures – SUPPORT

AB 1253 (Santiago et al) – Personal income taxes: additional tax – SUPPORT

AB 1481 (Bonta) – Tenancy Termination: Just Cause – SUPPORT

AB 1482 (Chiu) – Tenancy: Rent caps – SUPPORT

AB 1784 (Santiago, Chiu, and Gonzalez) – The Secure the Vote Act – SUPPORT

AB 1829 (Berman, Gallagher, Low, Mayes, Mullin and Weber) – Elections – OPPOSITION WITHDRAWN

AB 2088 (Bonta et al) – Wealth Tax – SUPPORT

AB 2473 (Cooper) – Public investment funds – OPPOSE

ACA 6 (McCarty) – Elections: Disqualification of Electors – SUPPORT

AJR 23 (Mathis) – Domestic terrorism – OPPOSE

SB 47 (Allen) –
Initiative, referendum, and recall petitions: disclosures – SUPPORT

SB 57 (Bates) –
California New Motor Voter Registration Program – OPPOSE

SB 212 (Allen) – Elections: Local voting methods – SUPPORT; the PFP sent an updated letter of support in advance of the Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee hearing set for Tuesday, July 2, 2019.

SB 288 (Wiener) – Democratic Party of California: County Central Committees – SUPPORT IF AMENDED

SB 505 (Umberg) – Presidential Primary Elections – OPPOSE; upon the bill's move to the Assembly Elections Committee, the PFP reiterated our OPPOSITION to the amended bill.

SB 636 (Stern) – Elections: Ballot Label – SUPPORT

SB 641 (Allen) – Special Elections – SUPPORT WITHDRAWN

SB 776 (Skinner) – Peace Officers: Release of records – SUPPORT

SB 850 (Leyva) – Work hours: Scheduling – SUPPORT

SB 1124 (Borgeas) – Elections: Vote by mail ballots – SUPPORT

SB 1383 (Jackson) – Unlawful employment practice: Family leave – SUPPORT

SB 1450 (Umberg) – Elections: county officers: consolidation with statewide elections – OPPOSE

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