Yesterday, February 15, Peace and Freedom party gubernatorial nominee Gloria La Riva, PFP nominee for state insurance commissioner Nathalie Hrizi and PFP nominee for secretary of state C.T. Weber held a press conference in Sacramento to announce the PFP's candidacies for Election 2018.

Voters and supporters in attendance heard statements from the party, including those delivered by Gloria, C.T. and Nathalie as well as statements from PFP nominee for U.S. senator John Parker and PFP nominee for state treasurer Kevin Akin read by proxy. These statements may be read from the links directly below.

Gloria La Riva: California is mired in a deep crisis
John Parker: Let’s build a movement for revolutionary change
Kevin Akin: I will represent 99% of California

A few images of the event follow. Thank you to all who turned out, and to all those considering voting Socialist in Election 2018!

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