Help us send statements calling for fundamental change to 19 million American voters living in California!

The Peace and Freedom Party candidates in California’s June 5th election need to pay for their statements in the official voter information guide, sent to 19 million voters, by Wednesday, February 14th.

We hope to reach the voters of the most populous state in the union with strong and clear statements of the need for real solutions to the problems caused by the billionaires. Full-length statements of 250 words each would cost a total of $43,000, so we will have to settle for shorter statements, but every word counts.

Please help! Can you give at least $25 to put one word in the voter’s guide? More or less is fine, but please give something for these campaigns by working-class candidates. Residents of any state may contribute, and people in every state will benefit from putting a left view on major issues before the voters of the most populous state in the union.

To contribute to a specific campaign, please follow the appropriate link below.

Gloria Estela La Riva for GovernorxxxxxxxxxxContribute to the Gloria La Riva for Governor campaignxxGloria La Riva for Governor

John Parker for U.S. SenatexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxContribute to the John Parker for Senate campaignxxJohn Parker for U.S. Senator

C.T. Weber for Secretary of Statexxxxxxx.xxxxC.T. Weber for Secretary of State

Mary Lou Finley for Controllerxxx.xxxxxxxxxxContribute to the Mary Lou Finley for Controller campaignxxMary Lou Finley for Controller

Kevin Akin for Treasurer xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxContribute to the Kevin Akin for Treasurer campaignxxKevin Akin for Treasurer

Nathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner .xContribute to the Nathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner campaignxxNathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner


You can donate to the party treasury to a special fund to help pay for these campaigns directly below.

Note: Current election law calls for the name, address, occupation, and employer fields to be filled in. If any of these fields are left blank, your donation may not be used by the campaign. (*If you are self-employed, please use “self” in the employer field; if retired, use “retired.”) Money received after February 13th will go toward paying filing fees for the candidates, also required for the message to appear in the voter’s guide.

Please give! Peace and Freedom Party candidates have no other source of money than the rank-and-file worker and voter, as we refuse corporate donations and have no supporters among the super-rich. Help us get out YOUR message.

The Peace and Freedom Party is an independent electoral organization in California, that provides a ballot line to candidates from many Left groups as well as to candidates with no other affiliation. We describe ourselves as “socialist” and “feminist.” The PFP qualified for the California ballot 50 years ago, in the first days of 1968.

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