Build the movement, don't settle for the 'lesser of two evils'

Carlos Alvarez is the Peace and Freedom candidate running for Governor. He is also a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

The Carlos Alvarez campaign for Governor urges Californians to vote for Peace and Freedom candidates on Nov. 2. It is becoming clearer in each election cycle that the candidates of the two big-business parties are essentially the same. They may use different language and claim to serve different sectors of society, but both are ardent defenders of the status quo. There is no real change offered by Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown or any such candidates. Both the Democrats and the Republicans at all levels are pro-capitalist, funded by banks, corporations and Big Oil, and serve their super-rich financiers—not their actual constituents.

This is why Carlos Alvarez is running for Governor as a socialist—to bring real issues to the forefront of California politics and provide a real alternative to the budget cuts, bank bailouts, and war that the twin parties of capitalism have offered. His campaign advocates for socialism—a system where people’s needs come first, and corporate profits are eliminated. The Alvarez campaign also demands free health care, education, the creation of millions of jobs, free housing and so many other things that working and poor people need.

Alvarez declared, “On Nov. 2, working people should not vote for the lesser of two evils. This is a road to nowhere, offering no real alternatives for our class, the working class. People should vote for the candidates that will serve the interests of the working and poor people of California. Every time a person shrugs their shoulders and settles for the ‘lesser of two evils’ because they doubt the ability of third party candidates to win—they are only voting to maintain the status quo of cuts to social services, plummeting wages, high unemployment and funding for police and prisons above all else. Voting is a basic democratic right that people have died to obtain. Working people should not throw away their most basic political weapon.”

He continued, “Voting is important, but no one should forget that the only way there will ever be the true change that every working person needs is if we build a mass movement to demand it. We need to be struggling in the streets, at workplaces, in our schools and everywhere. I urge you to join me in the Peace and Freedom Party and in the PSL to be part of such a movement. Together, we can win!”

Below is a list of candidates that the Carlos Alvarez campaign endorses. All are Peace and Freedom Party candidates. The campaign urges all Californians to take a stand and vote Peace and Freedom Party—the only ballot access party in California that represents the interests of working and poor people.

California Statewide Candidates:

  • Carlos Alvarez for Governor
  • C.T. Weber for Lt. Governor
  • Marylou Cabral for Secretary of State
  • Karen Martinez for Controller
  • Debra Reiger for Treasurer
  • Bob Evans for Attorney General
  • Dina Padilla for Insurance Commissioner

Board of Equalization:

  • Sherill Borg, 1st District
  • Toby Mitchell-Sawyer, 2nd District
  • Mary Lou Finley, 3rd District
  • Nancy Lawrence, 4th District

U.S. Senate:

  • Marsha Feinland

U.S. House:

  • Mike Roskey, 3rd District
  • Jerry Frink, 5th District
  • Gene Ruyle, 6th District
  • Gloria La Riva, 8th District
  • Larry Allen, 9th District
  • Richard Castaldo, 30th District
  • Miriam Clark, 50th District

State Senate:

  • Ric Hyland, 6th District
  • Cindy Henderson, 26th District

State Assembly:

  • Daniel Frederick, 4th District
  • Elizabeth Martinez, 5th District
  • Daniel Costa, 9th District
  • Albert Troyer, 10th District

Vote socialist on Nov. 2! Vote Peace and Freedom Party!

This statement, issued on November 1, 2010, is reprinted from the website of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

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