Posted on May 8, 2012 by the Website Workers Council

For more information on the candidates and issues summarized below, please visit our campaign website at

Click for 2012 Campaign

Presidential Primary: The State Central Committee has not taken a position for or against any of the four candidates in the Peace and Freedom Party Presidential primary.

Legislative offices: The Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed these candidates for Congress and the State Legislature. Clicking on a candidate’s name takes you her or his page on our 2012 website.

Also on the ballot for U.S. Senate and giving Peace and Freedom as his party preference is Kabiruddin Karim Ali.

For information on voting for write-in candidates, see this article.

Statewide ballot measures:

  • Proposition 28 (term limits) – we have not taken a position on Prop. 28
  • Proposition 29 (cigarette tax) – vote No on Prop. 29
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