Peace and Freedom party nominee for State Treasurer in Election 2018, Kevin Akin, sat down with Fiorella Isabel of Our Revolution (Costa Mesa chapter) for what was originally slated to be a five- to 10-minute interview.

Instead, Kevin explains, “when Fiorella got going on the interview, she realized that I could answer all sorts of political questions, and she extended it to a little over an hour.”

Please click here for Fiorella Isabella's interview with Kevin Akin.

The interview itself begins at about 1:00 into the video, though pavophiles may want to check out the warmup small talk for a few words on their favorite birds.

Once the verbal ball gets rolling, Keven and Fiorella discuss a wide range of issues; including the relevance of third parties; the importance of emphasizing the worker’s importance on all levels of society; Clinton vs. Trump; a proportional voting system for California; gun owners’ rights and gun control; prison culture and the justice system.

We think Kevin presents an excellent case to vote Akin for State Treasurer, and we hope to get your vote on Tuesday. Thank you for your consideration!


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