As part of the ballot for the California statewide primary on June 5, 2018, five ballot propositions will also be decided upon by voters. On propositions 68, 69, 70, 71 and 72, the Peace and Freedom Party endorses the following stands in Election 2018. For more on the party's stance regarding a specific ballot proposition, please click on the appropriate embedded link.

Proposition 68: No
Proposition 68 appears to provide for needed park and water projects. But it can put billions of undedicated dollars into the hands of politicians who traditionally use revenue for their strategic agendas. A bond issue, it will burden the people of California with increased taxes for years to come, and provide tax-free interest to the rich.

Proposition 69: Neutral
This measure ensures that the additional diesel tax raised by SB1 is dedicated to transportation purposes, mostly roads and highways. It exempts the new vehicle fuel taxes from the Gann spending limit. We are staying out of this skirmish between the Democrats and Republicans over taxing and spending. Our fight is for progressive taxation to provide for our needs.

Proposition 70: No
This proposition would require a 2/3 majority vote by both houses of the state legislature for spending funds from cap-and-trade revenue. We support simple majority votes for spending bills.

Proposition 71: Yes
This proposition would change the effective date of a proposition from the day after the election to five days after the vote is certified by the Secretary of State. Since it is often unclear which ballot measures have been adopted until days or even weeks after the election, this is a common sense measure.

Proposition 72: Yes
This measure would exclude rainwater capture systems from the additional property tax assessment triggered by improvements and additions. More capture systems for household and garden use will help preserve natural water systems. And Californians will save on their water bills.

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