Vote in the June primary! The primary on June 5 will likely be the only chance to vote for Socialist candidates for office. Only the top two vote-getters will go on to the November general election. The Peace and Freedom Party has six statewide candidates on the ballot, for Governor, Secretary of State, Insurance Commissioner, Treasurer, Controller, and US Senate. We have also endorsed Gayle McLaughlin for lieutenant governor.

Peace and Freedom Party candidates are raising issues of importance to the working class, issues the Democrats and Republicans ignore. We support single-payer health care and a state bank; we oppose red-lining insurance availability and costs. We need proportional representation and equal public funding in order to have fair elections. We oppose US imperialism and endless war. We want free education from pre-K through university, and we support public schools. We support the repeal of the Costa-Hawkins law that cripples local rent control, and we recognize the need for decent housing for working-class families throughout the state of California.

We know these issues are important to you, as they are to us. Let’s work together to build a California for the working class! If you don’t vote for Socialist candidates in June, you most certainly will not have Socialists on the ballot in November.

For the Peace and Freedom Party to continue on the California ballot, at least one of our statewide candidates must receive 2% of the vote in June. If you want to continue having an alternative voice on the ballot from the Democrats and Republicans, vote in the June primary. Vote Peace and Freedom!

The California state primary will be held on Tuesday, June 5. For information on registering to vote in California, click here.



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