On March 9, the Vista Civic Center was the site for a forum featuring eight candidates in contention for the 49th Congressional District seat, including Peace and Freedom Party’s own Jordan Mills. The forum was hosted by the Chambers of Commerce of Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas and San Diego, as well as the League of Women Voters. Over 400 were in attendance.

(image courtesy North County Daily Star) 

Among those present was Jordan Mills for Congress campaign worker Eric McGill who told us: “I’m pleased to report that the event went *excellently*. There were eight candidates present (Jordan, two Democrats, four Republicans, and a Libertarian) and Jordan got more applause than the other candidates on almost every question he answered. He articulated our program perfectly, and the audience was really engaged. A lot of people who had shown up to support another candidate (like, they were wearing campaign T-shirts) told us they really liked what Jordan was saying, and I could hear people in the rows behind me talking about him the whole time. The event couldn’t have gone better.” 

The Peace and Freedom Party invites you to see for yourself. Video of the debate in its entirety is available for viewing via the North County Daily Star’s website. Jordan spoke on the following topics and the times listed, usually getting much positive response and raucous cheering.

•  Opening remarks: 2:58
•  On DACA and immigration: 20:50
•  On health care: 29:12
•  On job creation and jobs programs: 36:45
•  On the recent tax bill: 49:33
•  On Net Neutrality: 54:47
•  On marijuana law: 56:50
•  On federal budget cuts: 1:07:15
•  Closing statement: 1:29:19

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