The Peace and Freedom Party endorses independent candidate Eric Frame for State Senate in California’s District 6, which includes the city of Sacramento, part of Sacramento County and part of Yolo County.

Eric’s statement upon receiving the PFP endorsement is as follows.

“We are thrilled to have the endorsement of the Peace and Freedom party. We are in agreement with the PFP on so many issues that we currently face in the USA. Homelessness has increased dramatically in California and something needs to be done – building affordable housing, providing a living wage for all, rent control, reforming the inhumane and high-cost healthcare system are just some of the fixes we agree upon.

“Above all, the Peace and Freedom party and our campaign agree that we need representatives that truly represent the PEOPLE and not corporations. I believe the root of many of the problems we face starts with a lack of authentic representation.”

For much more about the Frame for California State Senate campaign, please visit For an extensive interview detailing Eric’s campaign platform, please click here.


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