Ernesto Huerta has declared his candidacy in the March 2nd special election for State Senator in the 30th District, and the Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed him. The pandemic and the current economic disaster show how the two parties of the billionaires have left the working class in the lurch, failing us on nearly every issue. The Republicans have been quite justly criticized for their terrible leadership at the national level, but in California the Democrats are firmly in charge, and they too have failed to do what is needed.

Ernesto says “As California becomes the epicenter of a worldwide pandemic, it is clear that the state’s Democratic controlled legislature has failed to meet the needs of the people and prevent mass unemployment, a deadly health crisis, and a looming eviction crisis. We are running a third party socialist campaign to challenge the Democratic Party’s incompetence in California and their complete disregard for the working class throughout this pandemic. At a time of extreme need, California deserves a champion who is willing to fight for people-centered policies like Medicare for All, reparations, and the cancellation of rent and mortgages.”

Ernesto Huerta is running to push for socialist solutions to the problems inflicted upon us by the billionaires and their politicians. The 30th District includes most of downtown Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Culver City, a portion of Inglewood, and Ladera Heights. The special election on March 2nd will fill the seat vacated when the previous senator was elected as a county supervisor.

Ernesto Huerta is a nineteen-year-old candidate for State Senate in District 30 running on progressive policies like the cancellation of rent, Medicare for All, free college tuition, the demilitarization of police and reparations for Black and Brown communities.

Ernesto has spent the past few years organizing in his community of South Central against injustices like police brutality, lack of education, and landlord abuses. In Compton and Westmont, Ernesto helped bring different organizations and families together to demand justice for Dijon Kizzee and Andrés Guardado, who were both murdered by LASD this year. In Inglewood, Ernesto successfully helped organize a group of parents from Warren Lane Elementary School to stop their school from being permanently shut down. In Hyde Park and other parts of South Central, Ernesto has worked alongside tenants and tenant organizations to document health and human rights abuses by big landlords.

Unlike career politicians, Ernesto has gained the experience to lead through his permanent contact with social movements and the working-class community of South Central.

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