On Monday, November 23, 2020, Peace & Freedom Party members took part in the COVID Stimulus Now Sacramento Car Caravan & Digital Protest Against Mitch McConnell, part of a nationwide effort to bring attention to those most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus and to bring attention to the effects of the disease on the poor.

For over an hour, some 70 vehicles passed by the California State Capitol as they joined with over two dozen other states calling on Congress to pass another stimulus package which includes an extension of unemployment benefits, aid to small businesses, and prevention and healthcare services.

On behalf of the Poor People's Campaign, Peace & Freedom Party member Faye Wilson Kennedy said, “We need monies to come to California. We need monies to come to Sacramento so that we can survive.” Brother Kevin Carter, another PFP member speaking on behalf of the Poor People's Campaign, added, "Where do we go from here. I mean, to go forward and not backwards."

Both Kennedy and Carter are part of the leadership of the Poor People's Campaign.

–written by C.T.Weber

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