The Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party and Movement has announced its endorsement of several candidates in local races in the upcoming election.

For the district 2 seat on the Berkeley City Council, PFP Alameda endorses Cheryl Davila; for the five positions on the Berkeley Rent Board up for the vote, PFP Alameda supports the Right To Housing slate of candidates.

Cheryl Davila is committed to improving the lives of Berkeley residents and brought a long personal history of working on behalf of the city’s people to her first term in office; she seeks to continue after reelection to the Berkeley City Council. As a sitting council member, Cheryl is leading two regional task forces, facilitating conversation and introducing forward-thinking legislation.

Central to Cheryl’s campaign is her commitment to just and equitable COVID economic recovery, which is based on supports the principles of such a recovery as described in the People’s Bailout. For more on Cheryl’s campaign for Berkeley City Council district 2, please visit

Five seats on the Berkeley Rent Board are up for grabs in Election 2020, and PFP Alameda County has endorsed the five candidates endorsed by Right To Housing.

These are Leah Simon-Weisberg, Berkeley Rent Board vice chair; Mari Mendonca, Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board member; Andy Kelley, Alameda County Planning; Dominque Walker, Moms4Housing co-founder; and tenants’ rights advocate Xavier Johnson.

The Right To Housing Slate joint statement reads in part, “Collectively we have experience as single mothers, tenants, tenant attorneys, homeless, displaced, and community members who have lost income because of COVID-19. As community members and advocates, we are passionate about creating a just and fair society where everyone has a right to housing and an opportunity to succeed.”


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